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Ernesto Ottone R.
Assistant Director-General for Culture of UNESCO

Crafts and folk art are all around us. They are an essential component of culture and creativity, connecting us with the past, enriching our daily lives, and supporting the sustainable development of communities. Not only do crafts and folk art embody invaluable know-how, skills and living heritage, they also enable young people and learners of all ages to think creatively by bringing together their minds, hands and hearts.

The UNESO Creative Cities Network brings together 246 cities dedicated to leveraging the potential of culture and creativity to support sustainable urban development process at the city level. Amongst them, the Network’s 49 Creative Cities of Crafts and Folk Art utilize the unique potential of crafts and folk art to encourage and catalyse the preservation, transmission and development of culture, which is essential for promoting sustainable and resilient cities and societies.

UNESCO commends the commitment of the city of Jinju, a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art, for initiating this annual journal that will support cities in celebrating, protecting and reinventing crafts and folk art. I have no doubt that it will further support the international community in conserving crafts and folk art—an essential component and contributor to sustainable urban development.